Blurring the line between fashion and interiors has always been the mantra of SOLA.  The name Sola represents the desire to “Be unique, be who you are, and let your style and your home be representative of your unique self”.  Starting her career at David Anthony Easton Designs, working on some of the grandest residences in the country, Lisa Natt’s entrée into the interior design world lead her to her love of unique textiles and fabrics.  As her career progressed she transitioned back to the fashion world to eventually establish the premiere multi collection showroom in New York City, Sola Showroom, representing artisanal and luxurious collections from all over the world.

Known for her ability to inspire her clients to begin with something that brings them joy, a painting, a pattern, a color – and work outward from there, it has been Ms. Natt’s greatest joy to create rooms around these pieces.    It is the starting point from whence the rooms begin to grow and the overall feeling of the space begins to blossom.  An Alexander McQueen scarf inspired the choice of an Alexander McQueen butterfly rug that set the tone for the loft of a recent client.

Being a lover of color, prints, texture and unusual mixes thereof, the interiors always begin with the rugs and the art.  It is in the utility of these pieces that the tone of the room is set.   The rooms are then layered carefully and with great consideration.   Working mostly in mid century furniture, vintage textiles, one of a kind lighting, and exotic rugs, the finished rooms tend to exude warmth and sophistication as well as a key sense of balance.

Life and career have come full circle and Ms. Natt once again finds herself back in the world of interior design balancing that work with the continuing success of the showroom.   Growing organically by word of mouth, her clients ranging from art aficionados downsizing from a Greenwich home to a NYC penthouse, to a couple creating their first home together.   All starting with a blank slate and ending with their own distinctive abode.