The work of Lisa Natt is definitional of her genius. Her talent in assisting a client’s ability to express her singularity is astounding. Her simple beautiful, delightfully quirky and often perfect designs are ultimately created by a careful amalgam of insights and ideas culled from exceptional psychological skills. Observing nuances of the client’s taste, character and personality translates organically into an utterly charming space, unique because it inevitably is. Using the clients own precious art, artifacts, treasures ineffable heirlooms and heretofore unsung taste the final product acknowledges the courage of an independent spirited bold brilliant designer serving the client in becoming herself.

By an almost magical marriage of color, shape texture, pattern and a masterful use of architectural scope, Natt makes the impossible plausible. Her eye’s needle seeks the superb, yet modest, antiquity, the savviest mid century objet d’art, a carpet that flabbergasts, original window treatments where the rare and unusual bonds naturally with the quotidian The newly devised scheme quietly and elegantly reflects the taste aspirations and character of the clients. Even the art become definitional. The gestalt of the room embraces each inhabitant with its warmth and charm and with an increased vocabulary of nuanced color which tricks the eye and salves the soul in the most sublime way. Although carefully wrought and punctiliously planned, supervised with a rare expertise to bring the best out of each consultant, the superbly gorgeous room creates a feeling of ease and relaxation you want to reside in forever.

The complex and difficult loft-like space Natt totally transformed for me and my husband were for her a small challenge. Today it is more than my pride and joy. My home actually is a conversation between artists and the grandest of testimonials to this profoundly gifted designer.

Natalie Schaffer, Sutton Place